Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cucina Siciliana for a Day

Caponata, Pasta alla Norma, Focaccia, and Sicilian Cannoli's....oh my!!  I headed up to "Cook on the Lakes" again last week with my friends Heather, Cindy, and Courtney.  Note to Courtney's friends and family: yes, she really did go to class, COOK, and did well! ;-).  Best quote of the day occurred one hour into the cooking class...."Is it time for the wine yet?!".  I won't tell you who said it.

For those of you who read my posts, I went to see Francesca in June for a pizza and panzerotti cooking class and we had such a great time so I had to return.  My friend Heather was visiting from the USA and her family is from Sicily so I chose the Sicilian class for her.  Off we went to Cook on the Lakes in Colazza, Italy.  Now onto the important pictures!

Pasta and Flour

Heather helping Francesca get the dough for the cannoli's ready

Cannolli ingredients

Cindy and Courtney
 Next we rolled the cannoli's

Frying the cannoli shell

Adding the 'stuffing'

And now for the sweet, sweet reward....the tasting part....yes it was as good as it looks!

The reward

Browning the eggplant

Browning the pine nuts for the caponata

Of course with some wine

Pasta alla Norma

Ricotta Salata
I feel so accomplished!
Courtney, Heather, Francesca, Cindy, and Me

A presto! Buona Cucina!

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